Residential Home & Mold Inspections

Whitehead Home Inspection Services LLC



Our reports are available within 24 hours of a completed inspection. They are comprehensive and clearly detail the results of the inspection.


Our Full Inspections include:

  •  roof, vents, flashing and trim, gutters and downspouts;

  •  skylight, chimney, and other roof penetrations;

  •  decks, stoops, porches, walkways and railings;

  •  eaves, soffit and fascia;  

  •  grading and drainage;

  •  basement, foundation and crawlspace;

  •  water penetration and foundation

  •  movement;

  •  heating & cooling system;

  •  main water shut-off valves;

  •  water heating system;

  •  interior plumbing fixtures and faucets;

  •  electrical panels, breakers and fuses;

  •  grounding and bonding & GFCIs;

  •  fireplace damper door and hearth;

  •  insulation and ventilation;

  •  garage doors, safety sensors and

  •  openers;

  •  and much more!

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